One  of the main problems faced by students,parents and teachers is laziness in studies.Even very brilliant students show very poor performance  due to laziness.

Reasons behind laziness.

  1. Addiction to other activities  such as watching TV,Computer game, mobile phone usage, Cinema, playing football, Cricket,etc.
  2. Lack of specific goal in life.
  3. Peer pressure.
  4. Obesity and lack of exercises.
  5. Lack of love and care.
  6. Lack of interest in studies due to poor study methods.

How to overcome Laziness ?

  1. Reduce  addiction to activities other than studies by fixing time schedule to each activities, sleep and studies.
  2. Fix a specific goal in life.
  3. Have some good friends who have interest in studies.
  4. Apply some interesting study methods using computer ,mobile ,projector etc.
  5. Avoid heavy food and obesity.Do some small jobs and take some responsibilities to activate conscious mind.
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