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Brain Power Training Based On Neuroplasticity


The brains ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout the life the human brain is continuously aitering its structure cell number connections,pathways and chemistry as a direct result of everything we do, experience ,think and believe. The implications of neuro plasticty are enormous. We have ability to keep our brain sharp, effective and capabie of learning new skills well even in the age of 90. Our institute have developed a large number of simple exercises to develop the brain power.

Super Memory Training

Super Memory is nothing but a trained memory developed by effectively utilising the power of visualisation, power of observation, interest and concentration of your mind.

          Can you Memorize?

    A number with 500 digits or more.
    A list of 300 words of more.
    Purchase list of 100 items.
    Long essays with more than 50 paragraphs.
    2000 years calender.
    Thousand of Telephone numbers.
    Long Formulae, Equations, Tables, Poems etc.
    Difficult diagrams of Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc.
    Hundreds of important events within their dates.
    Capitals and Currencies of all countries in the world.
    Hundreds of words in a foreign language.

     Yes you can! Super memory training helps you to achieve a wonderful memory power. We take it as a challenge! If you have desire, we can make make miracle!

Memory & Brain Power at Old Age

Irrespective of the age, anybody can activate brain by brain training program. Memory loss at old age can be controlled by regular brain exercises such as reading, writing & other brain activities included in the brain training program. According to the principle of neuroplasticity the structure, neural pathways & the chemistry of brain can be changed by practicing new skills and variety activities. Mind Vision offers special brain training program for senior citizens to improve memory, concentration and to reduce negative thoughts, anger, depression etc..These brain activities can enhance the overall health conditions and helps them to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Public Speaking And Personality Training.

We offer short term training training programs in public speaking and personally development for students, proffesionals, businessmen, politicians etc. Anybody can develop good communication skills, inter personal skills, and become masters in public speaking.

Mind Power Training

We provides mind power training to proffessionals, students, teachers, businessmen for reprogramming their sub concious mind positively to achieve success in career as well as in life.

Hand Writing Improvement Program

Beautiful Hand writing is a dream of every person and it is one of the major factors which determines the success in any exam. We provide a very special psychological method with which you can improve you hand writing within a minimum period of time.

Seminars and workshops in Educational Institutions

We conducts seminars and workshops for students, teachers and parentsin the areas of memory, brain power, learning skills, teaching skills and parenting skills.

Orientation Programs in Proffessional Colleges.

We Provide orientation Programs in engineering Colleges, and other proffessional colleges for developing the overall personality and proffessionalism of students.

Students Councelling

We Provide the councelling for students to improve concentration in studies, To practice a desciplined life, To get rid of TV Mobile Internet addiction, To reduce anger, tensions, anxiety, exam fear, drug addiciton, smoking habits etc.

Trainer's Training program

As there are thousands of Educational institutions in India the requirement of MEMORY-BRAIN-POWER-TRAINER' and STUDENTS COUNCELLORS seems to be very high. Hence we provide trainer's training program to suitable candidates to develop master trainers in this field. 3 Months certificate courses are conducted for this purpose.

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